Where Will Tony Romo Be Playing in 2017?

Where Will Tony Romo Be Playing in 2017?

An uncertain future for Romo 

The 2017 season has been great for Dallas Cowboys so far and it is no surprise that the sudden turnaround in the teams performance can be credited, at least in partial definition, to the quarterback. Unfortunately, after 155 games as the starting quarterback for the Cowboys, the turnaround can not be credited to Romo. It was announced in November of 2016 that Romo would no longer be their starter and he stepped down with grace and dignity handing over the position to Dak Prescott. What does that mean for Romo’s future in the sport?

Tony Romo did not quit the team he has spent his entire NFL playing for. Instead, he has taken the high road and chosen to remain with the Cowboys as the backup quarterback to Prescott,making a full statement to a room full of reporters. What does that mean? That means when Prescott is tired or incapacitated, Romo will step up and play the rest of the game. So that means that even though he is not longer the starting quarterback for the Cowboys, it is still very likely that he will see plenty of time on the field as the back up for the team. And who can blame the Dallas franchise for wanting to keep him handy for the remainder of the 2016 season?
Having signed with the Cowboys in 2003 as a freeagent, he officially took over Bledso’s starting quarterback position in 2006 in a home game against the Houston Texans. He has 14 seasons under his belt. 155 career starts Romo holds a 65% pass completion record. The biggest issue he faces is his age and list of injuries that have limited his starting quarterback status. What does that mean for him in 2017?
Well, with the way Cowboys owner Jerry Jones speaks, it sounds a lot like he is trying to drum up some trade value for him in 2017 season, making it seem like there will be an inevitable trade for him to another team. Jerry Jones states that he is confident that, despite Romo’s advanced age for a starting quarterback, he has at least five more good years of playing left in him and that he will likely quarterback a Super Bowl team before it is all said and done. Jones has also stated that he has no intention of letting Romo go to another team any time in the near future.

With Tony Romo’s career hanging in the balance, it is clear that there are a few teams that would be willing to buy out his contract. However, it is very unlikely that Romo will see any starting games in this season and very possibly won’t be traded off until the 2017 season. Jerry Jones will likely take on a let’s wait and see mentality to find out weather a trade would be profitable or even considerable for the 2017 season. What is likely to happen, despite Romo’s issues as playing back up to a younger quarterback, is tt Romo will remain with the Cowboys till the end of his career. The cost of a trade will likely be touch and go due to the age and injuries of Romo, no other team would want to pick up a quarterback they aren’t sure would be in top physical form for the money they woukd have to spend.

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The Greatest NFL Performances That Happened on Thanksgiving Day

The Greatest NFL Performances That Happened on Thanksgiving Day

Since 1892, American Football has always been a big part of Thanksgiving. In years gone by, several great performances have been witnessed. Even while the body tries to deal with the horrific gastronomic assault it just endured some moments ago, nothing still compares to a few great NFL matchups. Now, let’s talk turkey while I take you down memory lane. Below are some of the greatest NFL performances that happened on Thanksgiving Day.

Peyton Manning – 2004

While on his way to breaking the passing touchdown record, Manning joined the fun in beating the Lions on Thanksgiving in 2004. This was where he earned 6 of his 49 TDs. After 3 quarters in an entirely hilarious game, Manning finally got to sit. This implies that he tossed 6 TDs in 3 quarters. In many of these big games, I have come to realize that the Lions have often come to find themselves on the wrong end.

Tony Romo – 2006

It was not until 2006, that quarterback Tony Romo was able to earn his first action on the field even after being signed as an undrafted free agent in 2003 by the Dallas Cowboys. Even without an interception in his team’s 28-10 victory, Romo proved himself to be a dependable quarterback when he completed 22 of his 29 passes for 306 yards in his fifth career start. This was when the real “fun” began.

Brett Favre – 2007

Sometimes, this gunslinger takes risks that lose games but everyone knows he often wins them. Of course, Brett Favre was an unstoppable force to reckon with especially when he was efficient. Like a succulent Turducken, he carved up the defense. Completing 75 percent of his passes to 8 different receivers, Favre showed off how good he was in the game which turned out be yet another disappointing loss for the Lions. As I write this, I try to ask myself, what more can John Madden rave about that day?

LenDale White and Chris Johnson – 2008

Here, I will be counting White and Johnson as one person. 3rd year USC star LenDale White and rookie Chris Johnson led a rushing attack and presented a stout defense against the Titans on this fateful day in 2008. Like a version of thunder and lightning, the duo showed their prowess and what they were capable of doing in this game. As the Titans marched to a division title, they combined for 2001 yards to go with 24 TDs. While white made 23 carries for 106 yards and 2 TDs, Johnson had 16 carries from 123 yards.

Brad Smith – 2010

Former Jets’ offensive and special team weapon, Brad Smith proved himself to be a strong backbone in hard times. On this special day, the team faced a serious challenge getting the ball through the defense of a 2-win team. Less than halfway through the fantastic kickoff return, Brad’s shoe fell off but he was undeterred to score on a 53-yard run and an 89-yard kickoff in the game. I always miss him whenever I think of him.

Terrell Suggs – 2011

Allowing only 170-yard offense, tallying 9 sacks and 9 TFL, the Ravens defense was an immovable object. In addition to his 3 sacks, Suggs hit quarterback Alex Smith 3 times to lead the defense. Basically, an unusual much time was spent in the Niners backfield. Thanks to Suggs’ contributions, the Baltimore Ravens were able to beat up the 49ers like a piece of sheet.

Robert Griffin III – 2012

On the big stage for a rookie, Robert Griffin III presented a big time performance. This game was no different from the actions of RGIII a year ago in a surprise division title. In the second half, he played a major role in helping his team withstand a furious Cowboys comeback attempt.

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Best NFL Quarterbacks Who Weren’t Drafted

Best NFL Quarterbacks Who Weren’t Drafted

Quarterbacks are the generals on the battlefield of the football field. NFL teams have spent millions on quarterbacks only ending up later cutting them, such as Johnny Manziel. NFL teams may not see a potential star in the making when they scout their future generals, which can lead to potential starters going undrafted. Undrafted quarterbacks in the NFL have been known to make history.

1. Jake Delhomme – Carolina Panthers
Jake Delhomme played NFL football in Europe before he was picked up by the New Orleans Saints and later traded to the Carolina Panthers. Delhomme’s gunslinger arm has made him one of the Panthers’ best quarterbacks in history. Delhomme threw for more than 20,975 yards and 126 touchdowns. Delhomme was a stellar quarterback but had his up-and-down performances throughout his time as a Panther. Delhomme spent 11 years in the National Football League.

2. Jeff Garcia – 49ers
Jeff Garcia came to the NFL fresh out of San Jose State and undrafted because of his size. He spent five seasons playing for the Calgary Stampeders in the Canadian Football League. Jeff Garcia entered the San Francisco 49ers franchise in 1999 and left in 2003. The problem facing Garcia was having to follow in the footsteps of Joe Montana and Steve Young. Garcia could not live up to their record but had some good stats. Garcia played 71 games for San Francisco and throwing for more than 16,408 yards. He later played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2007.

3. Dave Krieg – Seattle Seahawks
Dave Krieg was undrafted in 1980 and picked up by Seattle, leading him to become one of the best quarterbacks at the time. Krieg currently holds the Seahawks record for most touchdown passes with 195. With Krieg as field general, the Seahawks made their first playoff appearances in 1983 and 1984 and brought them back in 1987 and 1988, but failed to claim a Super Bowl victory. He later played for Kansas City and Arizona. Seattle may consider Krieg as the greatest quarterback in their history, Russell Wilson is getting closer to take that title.

4. Tony Romo
Haters love to point fingers at Tony Romo for only having two playoff victories throughout his 12-year career and some call him a “choke artist.” Romo was undrafted in 2003 out of Eastern Illinois. Romo holds the Cowboys record for career passing yards and touchdowns. Romo has been selected to the Pro Bowl four times. His playing time has decreased over the years because of injuries. Romo is expected to last another few seasons but is questionable if he will remain a Cowboy. As of the 2016 season, he has thrown for 34,154 passing yards.

5. Kurt Warner
Star of the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ played football for University of Northern Iowa and went undrafted in 1994 but tried out for the Packers, competiting against Brett Favre. Warner played in the Arena Football League, throwing for more than 10,000 yards and 183 touchdowns. The St. Louis Rams signed Warner in 1998 and sent him to the NFL Europe before placing him on the Rams’ roster as the third-string quarterback. Warner got his chance to shine after Trent Green tore his ACL. Warner then went on to win two MVP awards, one Superbowl, and made it to the Super Bowl with the Arizona Cardinals. Warner is ranked fourth in completion percentage and fourth in passing yards per game. Players look up to Warner as a source of motivation. Warner started his career as a stocker in Iowa, before anyone even took an interest in him.

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Predictions on First Pick of the 2017 NFL Draft

Predictions on First Pick of the 2017 NFL Draft

With the 2016 NFL season beginning in just a couple of days, there are always teams that are going to vie for a chance at that Lombardi trophy. Then there are the teams that are rebuilding, looking to land that number one draft pick, to land a player that will bring both crowds and success in the future. Those players are hard to come by, but once they’re found they have the ability to change the entire course of a franchise. These are the players who have the opportunity to be that player that will change a franchise.

Brad Kaaya, QB, University of Miami (FL)
In an era where a franchise quarterback can make or break a team regardless of talent around them (see Rodgers, Aaron, Green Bay Packers). Kaaya has both the arm strength and the accuracy to be that quarterback for a team. He also has the mobility to handle pressure and move around in the pocket when necessary. Kaaya has struggled through the Al Golden era but that era is over. During the 2016 season with the Canes we may get a glimpse into the future with new head coach Mark Richt. Look for Kaaya to produce career numbers under the new system in South Florida.

Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson
Deshaun Watson could be the next great duel threat quarterback. Watson does have a torn ACL on his record, but this seemed to have little to no effect on his 2015 campaign with the Clemson Tigers, one in which he led them to the final of the College Football Playoff and finished third in the Heisman Trophy vote. During this breakout season Watson showed both his passing skills in addition to his explosiveness and open field capabilities when he runs the ball, racking up over 4,000 passing yards and 1,000 yards on the ground and a total of 47 touchdowns. Watson has the build and skills that could lead to a similar situation in Carolina after they drafted Cam Newton.

Leonard Fournette, RB, Louisiana State University
Staying on the offensive side of the ball I’m going with LSU’s star running back. Last season he missed out on the 2,000 yard mark by less than 50 yards and added in 22 scores. Fournette has shown that he can produce in all the ways a team can ask of a running back, between the tackles, bouncing it outside, and even receiving out of the backfield. Fournette has the talent alone to warrant a team taking him first overall.

Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M
A solid defense can win a team a championship. Look at the Seattle Seahawks. While yes they did have a sound offense, it was their defense that set them apart from the rest of the league in recent history. A solid pass rusher can change a defense entirely. Garrett can be that pass rusher. He has proven his ability to take on blockers and make a play. He’s also been the face of consistency, recording double digit sacks in each of his first to seasons at A&M in addition to at least 45 total tackles a season. Garrett could become the cornerstone for the next “Legion of Boom”.

Jalen Tabor, CB, Florida
Likely the first drafted defensive back in this draft regardless of whether it’s at number one overall or not. Tabor has the skill set to set the tone for any secondary and has the ability to make plays in both pass coverage and run support. Tabor has the capability to shut down a receiver, and in a pass heavy NFL this skill is invaluable. Look for Tabor to make a splash this upcoming season with the Gators and make a run at that top overall pick.

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